Teacher: Mrs. Pitchersky

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at Also, if your child does any cool experiment at home and wants to share with the class in STEAM, feel free to send me photos or video and I will share with the class on the Smartboard!

ATTENTION PARENTS! The students in the lower grades(first and second) have been learning how to create their own EMOJI characters on a website called! They have been learning all about computer programming and how to code using coding blocks at their level! We have just begun this, so if they want to practice at home, they can. It is a FREE website!

The older students (especially in grade 5, have been learning how code on Scratch. They can access this FREE website at home at!

There is a new contest happening! The energy poster contest! Please follow the guidelines and create a COOL poster all about saving energy. We have had winners in the past! Please make sure to follow all of the contest rules that were sent home recently. See more details below.

Mrs. Pitchersky 2019/2020 STEAM Schedule

Monday - 022, PK1, 121, 420/942, PK2

Tuesday-320, 021, PK1, 421, PK2

Wednesday-220, PK2, 522, 120, 020

Thursday-320, 521, 221, 421, 122

Friday-021/940, 520, 420/942, 321, 221

Please do not wear your best clothes on days you have may get messy!

Fun with Engineering!

Please bring in Earbuds to use in STEAM in a zip loc baggie with your first and last name on it, and class if you have not already.

Thanks for bringing in the earbuds! The students are loving the computer!

Also...thank you so much for all of the supplies that you have donated to the STEAM Lab! It is greatly appreciated.



Many of the students in Kindergarten have yet to bring in earbuds. They are now starting to use the computers, and it will be a much better experience for them if they have earbuds. Please have them bring them in asap! Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Kindergarten is now learning all about forces. Some things need a push to move, others need a pull! We are working with all sorts of materials to illustrate this concept. Cars, trucks, tops, and zoomers to name a few! Please look around your house and see which things need a push or pull to move. You will be surprised at how many things involve a force!


The next vocabulary quiz will be on numbers 11-20 from your new list. It will be given at the end of next week(when we come back from break). Be sure to study, and complete your sentences for H.W.

A practice State Science Test will be given out this week. You will have 2 weeks to complete it. It will be due the week of February 7th. Do the best you can with this. We will be going over it in class.

Be sure to complete all H.W. assignments that are mandatory. Homework is due one week after they are given out. Vocabulary sentences are due every two weeks. The 4th grade class that completes the most homework will be rewarded with an ice cream party at the end of the year!!!

First Grade

First graders are learning all about Light and Sound. We are learning that there are many different sources of light, and have been experimenting with flashlights in class. By the end of this unit, we will become "Light and Sound Engineers" and will be creating Puppet Show Backgrounds using our knowledge of light, dark, shadows, and sounds. It should be a lot of fun!

Second Grade

Second graders are currently learning about internet safety. It is important that they know how to keep private information to themselves, not talk to strangers, and visit appropriate websites. They have also been learning all about the properties of materials, and how to show what they have learned on "Seesaw Learning".

Third Grade

Third graders are now learning all about inherited and learned traits. Some traits we are born with such as hair and eye color. Others we learn such as walking, how to eat, etc. They are in the process of creating animal parents and babies out of clay, posters to illustrate their learning, and how to use "Seesaw Learning" to bring it all together.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders have been learning about cells, vascular/nonvascular plants, and photosynthesis. Soon...they will be learning about vertebrates, non-vertebrates, matter, and measurement. There will be touches of engineering and computer science as well. This is a very important the state test will be given in May and June. It will be a culmination of all of the topics they have learned since some new and exciting ones as well. A letter will be going home soon about all of the topics they have learned throughout the they know what to expect when they take the test. Practice tests will be going home soon as well.

Currently, fourth graders are learning all about measurement, and the different units used such as centimeters, inches, feet, grams, and milliliters.

Fifth Grade

The 5th graders finished up their "Arbor Day" posters for the contest in December. The theme is "Trees Feed NY". They researched different types of trees in NY, and foods we get from them. They drew rough drafts of their scenes, and are now displaying their knowledge through illustrations for the poster contest. When this is complete, the 2 main focuses for the remainder of the school year will be on engineering, and computer science. They will be learning about the importance of building, and inventing, and will demonstrate this through various exploratory and engaging activities. They will be encouraged to find solutions to problems. They will also be learning about internet safety, and computer programming, and will display this knowledge through various coding activities.

5th graders have been exploring various "unplugged" and "plugged" computer programming activities such as graph paper programming, stacking cups games, "Program your Robot" games, Lightbot, Scratch, and Robot Turtles. They are learning all about how computers work, the difference between hardware, and software, and how to know if a website is reliable or not. They are becoming more aware of the importance of this knowledge, being that the jobs of the future require them to know these skills.