4th Grade

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Tonight's HW:

Friday 2/14/20

4th Grade OPTIONAL February Break Homework

ELA- Read the passage Excerpt from Stunt Performers - Answer questions 1-6. Use the strategies in your tool kit and annotate the text.

Math- Spiral Review Worksheet

Friendly Reminders:

**School resumes from break on Monday February 24th.

**The ELA State Test is on Wednesday March 25, 2020 and Thursday March 26, 2020.

We are accepting donations of tissues, baby wipes and paper towels. Any donation is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy the break and have a restful and relaxing week off!

Please make sure you request any materials be sent home when your child is absent.


2nd Marking Period Reading Levels

1- A-O


3- R,S

4- T+

In our reading unit we are currently working on an Andrew Clements author study. The children really love his books and are currently enjoying the read aloud of Frindle. Throughout this unit we will continue to study the elements of a fiction text, make inferences while reading and make text to self connections. Andrew Clements books are known for having a school based setting and his characters overcoming a challenging situation that many children can relate to. We will also explore other elements of literature such as poetry, plays and mythology.

In addition, we will continue to practice using the RADD strategy to help students construct short responses. Check out our class page for helpful resources using RADD.


In our current writing unit we are focusing on constructing an informational writing piece. Students will research different topics that are of interest to them. Our goal of this unit is to teach our readers many interesting facts and information on our topics! Students will also include their opinion on the topic into their writing piece! Throughout the writing unit students will brainstorm, research, draft, revise and edit! Some topics they can choose from are:

Sports, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Dance, Gymnastics

Animals, Dogs, Cats, Dolphins, Penguins…

We will continue to work on writing short and extended responses using our 2 scoop and 4 scoop rubric throughout the unit.


Topic 8: Extend Understanding of Fraction Equivalence and Ordering

What are some ways to name the same part of a whole?

How can you compare fractions with unlike denominators?

Topic 9: Understand Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

How do you add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators?

How can fractions be added and subtracted on a number line?

Topic 10: Extend Multiplication Concepts to Fractions

How can you describe a fraction using a unit fraction?

How can you multiply a whole number by a mixed number?

Weekly Vocabulary Words

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Vocabulary words for lessons 15-20.

vocab lesson 15-20

Social Studies

Unit 2 Passport to SS


Unit 1 Energy Conversions Family Letter
4th Grade Summer Reading Assignment 2019
Revised Supply List 2019-2020