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4th Grade Summer Reading Assignment 2019
Revised Supply List 2019-2020


2nd Marking Period Reading Levels

1- A-O

2- P,Q


4-T +

In our reading unit we are currently working on an Andrew Clements author study. The children really love his books are currently enjoying the read aloud of Frindle. Throughout this unit we will continue to study the elements of a fiction text, make inferences while reading and make text to self connections. Andrew Clements books are known for having a school based setting and his characters overcoming a challenging situation that many children can relate to. We will also explore other elements of literature such as poetry, plays and mythology.


In our Writing unit we are focusing on constructing an informational writing piece. Students will research different inventions that were made by children. Throughout research they will find out how these innovative inventions have impacted and changed the world. Students will also make connections to our reading unit and have an opportunity to write about an invention they would like to create to change the world today. Some topics they can choose from are:

Christmas Lights, Water Talkies, Earmuffs, Toy Trucks and Braille.

We will continue to work on writing short and extended responses using our 2 scoop and 4 scoop rubric throughout the unit.


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Weekly Vocabulary Words

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Vocabulary words for lessons 7-10.

vocab lesson 7-10

Social Studies

Unit 1 Overview


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