4th Grade

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Tonight's HW:

Tuesday 10/15/19

1. Reading log- 20 minutes

2. Vocabulary-worksheet Quiz on Friday

3. Math log- 5 minutes

4. Math: Complete review sheet

**MATH ASSESSMENT ON TOPIC 1/2 on Thurs. 10/17**


*Return trip slips and Google form ASAP

*Bring in a nut free snack daily*

*Friday October 18th- Wear Pink/ Ice Cream Day

Please make sure you request any materials be sent home when your child is absent.


1st Marking Period Reading Levels

1- A-N

2- O, P

3- Q,R

4- S +

In our reading unit we are currently starting the year with Realistic Fiction. We will explore the elements of Narrative and Fiction writing using our mentor text Lunch Money by Andrew Clements.


In our Writing unit we are focusing on constructing a narrative writing piece. We will discuss the elements or narrative writing and develop a story that includes all the story elements characters, setting,problem, solution.

We will also begin to work on writing short and extended responses using our 2 scoop and 4 scoop rubric throughout the unit.


Our new math program is called enVisions. Our current topic is

Topic 1: Generalize Place Value Understanding. Students will be building on their prior knowledge of place value.

Essential Questions

How are greater numbers written?

How can whole numbers be compared?

How are place values related?

Weekly Vocabulary Words

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Vocabulary words for lessons 7-10.

vocab lesson 7-10

Social Studies

Unit 1 Overview


Unit 1 Energy Conversions Family Letter
4th Grade Summer Reading Assignment 2019
Revised Supply List 2019-2020