4th Grade

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Tonight's HW:

Friday 12/6/19

1. Reading log- 20 minutes

2. Math Log- 5 minutes


pg. 281 # 3-6

Return Trip Slip & Parent Teacher Conferences Slip


*Bring in a nut free snack daily*

Please make sure you request any materials be sent home when your child is absent.


1st Marking Period Reading Levels

1- A-N

2- O, P

3- Q,R

4- S +

In our reading unit, we are currently reading a variety of informational texts. Throughout the unit we will identify nonfiction text features, determine the main idea and supporting details of a text, discuss the different text structures in nonfiction and make inferences while reading. We are using the RADD strategy to help students construct short responses.


In our Writing unit we are focusing on constructing opinion writing pieces using the OREO strategy. Students will state their opinion and give reasons with examples and facts to support their ideas. Students will learn to use transition words and persuasive vocabulary to develop their writing. Students will learn to form their opinion on a topic of their choice.

Should There Be Zoos?

Should School Be Year Round?

Is too Much Television Harmful?

Should There Be Homework?

We will also continue to work on writing short and extended responses using our 2 scoop and 4 scoop rubric throughout the unit.


Topic 3: Use Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

Essential Questions

How can you multiply by multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000?

How can you estimate when you multiply?

What strategies can we use to multiply multi-digit numbers by 1 digit numbers?

Weekly Vocabulary Words

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Vocabulary words for lessons 7-10.

vocab lesson 7-10

Social Studies

Unit 1 Overview


Unit 1 Energy Conversions Family Letter
4th Grade Summer Reading Assignment 2019
Revised Supply List 2019-2020