We will be studying realistic fiction using the book Lunch Money by Andrew Clements.

Students should be able to:

  1. Write/tell the main idea of a chapter.
  2. Recognize the characters and their character traits. They will give specific examples from the book to tell why a characters actions lead to their trait. Ex: Greg was a hardworking boy. I know this because on page 15 it states, "Greg researched ways to make money. He decided to buy things that the other students would like. He ordered 12 units of toys and candy to sell." After Greg was brought into the principal's office for selling things that were disruptive he did not give up. He was determined to make more money. He decided to create comic books to sell in school.
  3. Tell a sequence of events giving the beginning, middle and end of a chapter or book with details and character names.


We will be writing a realistic narrative story.

Students should be able to:

  • Come up with characters, a setting, a problem and solution.
  • The story must have some sort of conflict.
  • LEAD: The story should have an introduction that hooks the reader and makes them want to read the story.
  • Students should be able to include dialogue between characters.
  • Students should be able to come up with a conflict or problem
  • Students should be able to solve the problem.
  • Students should be able to end the story by referring back to the beginning or middle. They will use dialogue or feeling to bring the story to a close.
  • Students should use their toolkit which includes common sight words as well as the 4th grade Dolch words to help them spell.