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Dear P.S.1 Families,

As the public is updated on the Coronavirus, our school is proactively planning and preparing to offer virtual electronic learning opportunities to the students who are kept home as a parental decision in an effort to protect your children. We would like to share some information on how we will be continuing to provide instruction to students from home. Any content that your child will be assigned will be a review of concepts that have been previously taught. Our plan is to provide assignments and tasks via various sites. Please go to the grade page of your child for the specifics.

Below you will find worksheets and activities provided by the DOE in the event you choose to keep your child home/ a school closure. Please click the link for each subject area for the assignments. Your children can also do these activities on their Google Classroom account in a Google Doc for Grades 3 to 5.

For each subject area you will find:

  • A description and/or instructions for the activity
  • Information about both content and practice that the activity supports
  • One or more focus or discussion questions that will help deepen the learning of the activity

Here is the link provided by the DOE - Just copy and paste in the browser:

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How to Log in to Envisions


Great Resource for the Next Generation Learning Standards

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NYC Reads 365

The DOE, in partnership with the New York Public Library, launched NYC Reads 365, a citywide program aimed at encouraging children to read for fun by helping them find interesting high-quality books for independent reading. The centerpiece of NYC Reads 365 is a collection of reading lists for students, including books recommended by students, families, DOE educators, and community members—submitted via a survey earlier this school year—that reflect a wide range of diverse perspectives, genres, formats, styles, and subject matter.

Please click on the link in blue for more exciting details!

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